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content writing + strategyfor B2B brands.

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Choose your business doppelgänger.

(AKA which person sounds like you?)

Biz Guy

You tried to write your own copy, but the results were BLAH?

Agency Director

You want to write great blog posts or magazine articles, but you simply don’t have the TIME?


You need to write a book or another product to sell, but you find yourself out of inspiration?

No Worries

I’m here to get you pristine web content that takes your target audience on a magic carpet ride from visitor to customer to promoter, magnetizing your leads, maximizing your sales and galvanizing your brand along the way.

Hi! I'm Sebastian

Also known as Genie of the Inkwell.

Nature-loving researcher, incorrigible learn-a-holic, and writer obsessed about results.

Let me give you a peek preview of the magic carpet ride you can expect when you work with me:


Relaxed. Confident. Getting regular updates.


Glued to my chair ’till every detail is in place. (‘cept for “strategy” breaks)

Mildly grammar obsessive?

✓ Check

Allergic to mediocre content?

✓ ✓ Double Check

Swiss-style punctuality?

✓ ✓ ✓ Triple Check

Sebastian, What Wishes Can You Grant Me?

Need converting copy?

Whether it’s a sales page, service page, about page, or shop page, I can turn your bland copy into persuasive copy that converts.

Content Writing
Need engaging content?

I write blog posts that your target audience can relate and respond to, helping your brand and message to get across.

Need magnetic writing?

With perfect-pitch hearing for writing voices, my ghostwriting will deliver the right tone for your brand and audience.

Why would you want to work with a genie writer ?

Sleep blissfully

You can sleep. Blissfully.

You never get stood up, left wondering: ‘where in the world is my content?’ I don’t do late. I don’t do mediocre. In fact, I don’t do anything I can’t excel in, because I’m a Genie with a capital G.

You get a perceptive strategist.

I believe big picture + details = DYNAMITE RESULTS. So you’re guaranteed a holistic marketing strategy that takes into account your whole story, coupled with a ruthless eye for detail.

You get genie-grade writing.

If you’d rather pick a Newton than a Dickens, a Rembrandt than a Worhol, and a Bach than a Madonna, you know why genie-grade writing is preferred.

You can throw off this burden.

Let go, pal. I GOT THIS. (And you can head off to Boca.) I’m a relentless, proactive initiator. I will drive the entire process, so you can focus on what you do best.

You'll feel comfortable with me.

Like we’re old friends. 'Cuz I don’t judge. How could I? I play two rounds of strategy games per day. (Side note: I believe 10000 words per day cancels it out.)

You’ll ENJOY this.

The content writing process should be collaborative — and fun. I build a rapport with my clients that lasts long after the writing goes live.

Your business is not a joke.

You can’t afford to throw dollar bills at some “expert” (while crossing your fingers and praying for results). You need a learn-a-holic on steroids — someone who’s invested 1000s of dollars + hours in ongoing training and peer critique to make sure YOU get an extraordinary return.

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Inkwell Genie Copywriter Certificate's your story going to end?

Hire Me

Don't Hire Me

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