It's not me. It's YOU.

Truly, this is

You know that
content-done-right has enormous ROI:

Problem is
most writers' content
doesn't deliver:

Does this sound like you?

You tried hiring a content writer, but all you got was some fancy-schmancy, jargon-oozing prose that had the engagement rate of a QUANTUM PHYSICS MANUAL.

And that other time, when you needed a drip campaign? You got a flood!…of unsubscribes.

{Cue the violins}

Enters the Genie of the Inkwell

My content writing is not about guesswork (“let’s take ANOTHER shot in the dark!”) or cloning competitors (“let’s be ANOTHER sheep in the herd!”).

I help make your wishes come true by:

Are you ready to

Name’s Sebastian

I'm a...

I'm also a...

And…results-obsessed content writer who’s bent on turning clients into success stories.

My trademark is laser-targeted content that’s freshtight, and effortless to read.

Which means your customers develop a visceral connection with your brand — and choose YOU for the sale!

Five Years Experience
In Digital Wish Granting

I refined a unique concoction of accurate information, entertaining instruction, and bold imagination throughout my background as a:

Weather Forecaster

I will apply the sharp data analysis that yielded a 97% prognosis accuracy rating to the research work behind crafting the top 3% content that gets 97% of the market's attention.

Web Developer

I will uphold the solid work ethic that enabled me to code dozens of sites in a year to write several scores of posts per year using the formulas behind the most successful blog posts.

Online Teacher

I will employ the refined empathy that helped the highest-rated web dev courses on Udemy gain their 4.8/5 ratings to infuse dry topics with humour and to break down complex concepts into simple terms the audience can use.

Content Writer

I will analyze your brand voice, reader feedback and target audience, and my posts’ keywords, competitors and background to craft on-brand, SEO-optimized, competition-outranking posts that attract, engage, and convert.

A peek at my secret hobbies

Warning: They're Dangerous!


Web Development

I used to be a web developer, and I still develop the odd website from time to time. I know the profession inside-out, and I know the audience.


Content Marketing

I read thousands of blog posts and hundreds of books on marketing. I aim to launch my own successful blog and company soon.


Online Courses

I went through dozens of courses from Udemy, Coursera, and other online platforms as a student and as a teaching assistant - and soon, as an instructor.

Do You Want To Try One Out?

You'll love working with me because...

I get it DONE.

No “dog-ate-my-first-draft!” emails that give you a pit in the stomach. On deadline, every time.

I keep you wide-eyed.

I’m on a mission to zap out snore-inducing content that kills brands before they had a chance to take their first breath. (It’s tragic!)

I use science.

This is not about unleashing my creative soul. I apply proven formulas and the most current marketing + psychology research to get you RESULTS.

What Kinds Of Content?

I'm especially fond of these kinds of wishes...

Long-Form Ultimate Guide

- Most comprehensive, authoritative content. - Highest potential to rank in Google.

The Contrarian Post

- Highest potential to go viral on social media. - High opportunity for influencer marketing.
- High click bait potential.

The List Post

- Highest overall potential to generate traffic. - Highest opportunity for influencer marketing.
- High potential to gain links.
- Resource lists have high rereadability value.

The How-To Post

- Most sought-after content type.
- High organic search traffic potential.

We're In This Together

If you’re invested in me, you deserve great impeccable.

I will keep chugging matcha tea and wrangling words till every sentence feels like silk, till every kink’s been ironed out, till the folks on your team put down their lattes, look you in the eye, and say “Woah.”

‘Cause I’m a Genie with a jumbo-sized G.

Stop wasting money on content that doesn't get results.

I will craft you magnetic, engaging content that’s genie-tailored to fulfill your every wish.

If you...

Then it's time to tell me your wishes:


Phone: + 34 65 803 3 800