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  • Higher Traffic
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You get genie-crafted
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Summon The Genie

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Does This Sound Like You?

(AKA which person sounds like you?)

Biz Guy

You tried to write your own copy, but the results were BLAH?

Agency Director

You want to write great blog posts or magazine articles, but you simply don’t have the TIME?


You need to write a book or another product to sell, but you find yourself out of inspiration?

No Worries

I’m here to get you pristine web content that takes your target audience on a magic carpet ride from visitor to customer to promoter, magnetizing your leads, maximizing your sales and galvanizing your brand along the way.

Hi! I’m Sebastian

Also known as the
Genie of the Inkwell

Nature-loving researcher, incorrigible learn-a-holic, and results-driven professional content writer for hire.

I’m here to get you electrifying blog content that takes your target audience on a magic carpet ride from visitor to customer to promoter, magnetizing your leads, maximizing your sales and galvanizing your brand along the way.

I make your wishes come true by:

  • Auditing your content and reviewing your visitor feedback to get the right tone and voice for your brand and audience down pat.
  • Using crisp, fragrant language that tantalizes your prospects with the promise of your unique offering.
  • Painstakingly researching the market and analyzing the competition to yield valuable, original content that ranks you ahead.

Let me give you a peek preview of this marketer’s dream journey:

  • Our first destination is at High Quality Leads Peak, where you may cool your feet in Fresh Customer Pools.
  • We make a stop to cash out on the increased return on investment from your content and digital marketing.
  • Our magus-grade travel speeds also boost your online conversions.

Summon The Genie Now


Relaxed. Confident. Getting regular updates.


Glued to my chair ’till every detail is in place. (‘cept for “strategy” breaks)

Obsessed about correctness?

✓ Check

Allergic to mediocre content?

✓ ✓ Double Check

Swiss-style punctuality?

✓ ✓ ✓ Triple Check

Sebastian, What Wishes Can You Grant Me?

Need converting copy?

Whether for your website, sales page, or email sequence, I will provide you with persuasive copy that converts.

Content Writing
Need engaging content?

I write blog posts that your target audience can relate and respond to, helping your brand and message to get across.

Need magnetic writing?

With perfect-pitch hearing for writing voices, my ghostwriting will deliver the right tone for your brand and audience.

Summon The Genie Now

What do you get when you work with a genie writer?

Let me paint you a picture of this fantastic chimera:

Office Tie

A professional freelancer‘s office tie.

Dotted with milestones and striped with deadlines.

An SEO specialist‘s geek goggles

Bubbly with keyword research and sparkly with competitive analysis.

A genie writer’s antique inkwell

Thunderous with a unique voice and electrifying with a personal touch.

A savvy copywriter‘s sales coat

Sleek with customer journey map awareness and shiny with conversion rate optimization savvy.

Nerd Cap

A subject-matter expert‘s nerd cap

Fitted with a thirst for knowledge and furnished with a knack for teaching.

Editing Wand

A language wizard‘s editing wand

Polished with impeccable grammar and laced with mesmerizing vocabulary.

In short, you get genie-grade writing. Genie fast.

You work with someone who’s invested thousands of dollars and hours in ongoing training and certification to make sure YOU get an extraordinary return on YOUR investment.

Inkwell Genie Content Marketer Certificate
Inkwell Genie Copywriter Certificate
Guest Blogging Certification Sebastian Neferu
I trust in Sebastian’s great work ethic and capacity. Communicating with him is always straightforward and pleasant.
Andrew Radulescu
Andrew RadulescuCEO at Tribus Technologies
I really liked Sebastian’s writing style, the way he presented not only the facts but also the logic behind them is exactly what I was looking for.
Jonas Schmedtmann
Jonas SchmedtmannInstructor at Udemy
Sebastian’s delivery of the post was done in just the right amount of time to meet our deadline. 👌
Martin Aranovitch
Martin AranovitchEditor at WPMU Dev

So…how’s your story going to end?

Hire Me

  • WOW your colleagues + watch sales rise
  • Get sharp, on-brand content that feels exquisitely right
  • Enjoy a smoother-than-smoothie process with a personable team player who keeps his word

Don’t Hire Me

  • Lose MUCH-NEEDED income from prospects who get turned off by your (cobbled-together) brand
  • Get flabby, yawn-inducing content that has readers frantically flipping the page — or compulsively clicking the X button — faster than you can say “BAD INVESTMENT”
  • Make your competitor REALLY happy ::))


Summon The Genie Now


Phone: + 40 726 016 569