A Song of Love in Venice – On the Isles of Romance

Why We Chose Venice For Our Honeymoon

The task of choosing a place to spend our honeymoon was not an easy one. There are countless beautiful natural landscapes and well-reviewed popular cities to choose from. We are a romantic kind of people and that’s why we made a traditional choice by going to Venice. Traditional, because we knew from the beginning it wouldn’t disappoint us. And we were right.

How To Find Cheap Travel To Venice

Our go-to reference for planning our travels is Skyscanner, and that is what we’ve used for our trip to Venice. Out of the many flight-finding services we have tried so far, it has been the most reliable, easy to use, and comprehensive. Best of all, it is completely free, with no hidden agency fees.

Another good way to look for cheap travel and/or accomodation is with the use of a last-minute deals finder such as Last-Minute.com. We have found many dirt-cheap, good accomodations simply because of last-minute flash-sales from hotels or travel agencies that had not yet filled up their cap.

How To Find Cheap Accomodation In Venice

Skyscanner has a partnership with Booking.com, which features offers and discounts from hotels, hostels and pensions, providing an easy way to secure hosting.

However, the king of hosting these days is undoubtedly Airbnb. We have used it to give us a peek into how living in Venice would be like, and we weren’t disappointed.

Just a quick tip that can save you a lot of trouble: read the reviews before choosing your stay!

We found good prices on renting a room in Giudecca, the island that lies immediately south of the central islands of Venice. The surroundings are calm and less crowded by tourists due to its separation from central Venice, but the public transport can take you “in the middle of the action” in no time (if you take the Vaporetto in the right direction!). Even if it doesn’t happen, you can sit back and relax, because every place in Venice is worth seeing and if prepared with a map, you can enjoy being lost in Venice no less than having everything planned out beforehand.

How To Get Around Public Transportation In Venice:

Depending on your length of stay, it usually pays off to buy tickets ahead of time; there’s a particularly attractive package for a one-week stay. While the cost of transport is indeed a bit higher than in more earth-bound cities, you can think of it as a discounted ferry-ride on-demand.

It is particularly pleasant to sit at the back of the transport-vessels, feeling the humid wind dress your face in a soft porous veil of tiny water-drops. The view of the buildings on the sides of the channels passing by in a cradle-like rythm makes transport in Venice very much a part of the unique flavor of its experience.

Do not forget to request a big, good map upon arrival to the ticket-office (or better yet, bring one along!). Never part with your map, and follow the travel routes written on it to get wherever it is you want. Don’t worry too much about night-time transportation, as there is a way to get back home, albeit a bit slower, even after the cessation of the normal routes after twelve o’clock.

Food And Restaurants In Venice

If you’re on a budget, and if your host enables and allows cooking, it’s a wise choice to buy foodstuffs from the local supermarkets, where the prices are quite low. It is good that, with all the tourists encroaching on the Venetian economy, the basic necessities of life were kept affordable for the locals.

A worthy part of the experience of a new place is the local food, and there is a rich choice of restaurants that really light up at night, next to the water. Also good to check out are the ice-cream corner-shops and the fruit-stands offering, among others, some of the freshest coconut we’ve ever tasted.

Being Vegan In Venice

If you’re vegan, there are fewer options when it comes to buying great food, although, to be fair, there seem to be more when it comes to cooking it. Most of the menu offers at restaurants include at least one element of meat or cheese, and many “vegan restaurants” listed on the web seemed to be permanently closed when we tried to reach them.

TripAdvisor comes in handy here, and if there is one place that sticks to memory as the summit of our culinary experience in Venice, it is the best crepperie in Venice according to TripAdvisor, which we heartily recommend you give a shot to (it’s even worth the tail-line wait!).

Shopping Targets In Venice

There are many famous items of interest to shop for in Venice, from it’s genuine (and usually high-quality) leather accesories and clothes (of which I myself found the Oriental vendors to be friendlier price-wise, for the same item-quality), to it’s Murano glass tools and decorations (for which the shops on the Murano Island itself tend to have a more advantageous, and more varied, offer).

While not usually big on spending, I found myself delighted with the purchase of a leather-bound notebook and matching Murano-glass feather with inkwell. Some of the leather shoes and backpacks looked good too, and you may find many goods by going to the center of the main island.

Events in Venice

When planning your trip to Venice, you can take into account the various international events it hosts every year. There is the Venice Carnival in February, the Biennale of Venice at the end of summer, plenty of film festivals, fireworks, rowing races, marathons and other “festas” that can please any wish. For us, it came as a honeymoon destination without any prior research, and yet, every day there was a new gallery to visit, a new place to explore.

The Godola Ride In Venice

Being skeptical at first towards the Gondola trip, we finally decided to enjoy it at night, which was a very rewarding experience. The Gondolier tried to tell us some stories of the buildings around and bridges above, but we could hardly pay all our attention being so astonished by the feelings inside. There is indeed a unique emotion stirring upon the calm waves of the water while crossing through the tiniest canals of Venice, which can not be navigated with a normal motor boat nor by foot.

The Islands of Venice

If you are going to stay in Venice for more than three days, allocate a day to spend in the islands nearby too. Burano, Murano, Lido and Torcello are as beautiful as central Venice, although smaller and with fewer tourist attractions. We found Burano very lively to the eye, with it’s colorful buildings and romantic corners. We were kindly invited to help the owners of a house paint its outer walls, and they even welcomed us to take photos of the event.

Summary Of Venice

To date, Venice is my second favorite city after Rome for a trip, even topping contestants such as Perla de Mallorca and Barcelona. I am definitely pleased with it as a honeymoon choice, and the memories of it are still beautiful and lively. It was certainly a unique city, and I can grasp the inspiration it ought to have been for Vivaldi or Bellini.

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