How To Plan Your Perfect Day: The Choice Of A Lifetime

How To Plan Your Perfect Day The Choice What distinguishes you as an individual? Is it your endowments – whether you were born rich or poor, pretty or pithy? They do influence your development; but are they the measure of your own achievements? Is it your experiences – the things you’ve lived, the people you’ve known? They do shape your […]

How To Save Our Planet: 101 Ways To Help Nature Heal

Table Of Contents - Click Link To Jump To Section We Are Responsible (Introduction): I. How To Reduce Consumption And Eliminate Waste: A. Of Food: B. Of Water: C. Of Energy: II. How To Reduce Pollution And Eliminate Trash: A. Of Bio Matter: B. Of Plastic: C. Of Paper: D. Of Electronics: E. Of Water: [...]

A Song Of Love In Venice: On The Isles Of Romance

Why We Chose Venice For Our Honeymoon The task of choosing a place to spend our honeymoon was not an easy one. There are countless beautiful natural landscapes and well-reviewed popular cities to choose from. We are a romantic kind of people and that’s why we made a traditional choice by going to Venice. Traditional, […]