My Master Plan – Extraordinary Goals for an Extraordinary life

My Goals

I am sometimes asked whether I have any goal or direction for my life. Once it was a psychiatrist that asked it, and I replied as I usually do, “Oh yeah, I have it all figured out in the most minute of details”. You can guess how well that went. However, my answer is actually serious, and in this section, I’m going to prove it, and in so doing, provide you with an example of long-term goal setting.

Perhaps one day I will elaborate more on goal layering, life-cycles, natural rhythms, and others, but for now, I will focus on just one simpler aspect of my goal-setting process.

When working on the goal-shaped skeleton of my life-plan, I make sure that each sub-goal is as effective as it can be to support the fulfillment of its main goal. That preserves harmony throughout the whole skeleton, making it a viable, recognizable entity rather than a cacophonous monster.

The main themes of my long-term goals are repeated throughout many of my medium-term goals, as are their sub-harmonics, in turn, heard within with my short-term goals. Indeed, many of my shorter-term goals are merely statements of the requirements for reaching my longer-term goals.

To give another analogy, around the beating heart of my primary drive, there are many veins that spread out into other areas, and although they derive nourishment from and in turn support the heart, they are unique in their own right, reflecting the complexity, the rich variety that human life ought to have.

Mission Statement: Evolve

Evolution is the ultimate expression of the creativeness of Nature. It is the point of convergence and the confirmation of the success of my main legacies in the areas of self-improvement, education, and ecology. All of my goals whose expected accomplishment stretches beyond my own lifetime are woven around the nexus of bringing about evolution. The influence that I want my life to have in times to come is to help further human evolution in harmony with Nature. This is my ultimate goal, to which all of my goals and sub-goals aim, Whenever I formulate a goal, I first ask myself: will this contribute to evolution, and is there something else I can do instead to better contribute to evolution?

The manner in which I represent my goals is rather nonlinear, as a matrix of fractal influences that together harmonize to create higher layers of influences in a continuous flow of evolutionary growth, with many concepts involved in its projection. Nevertheless, I have organized my goals by timeframe and category for the purposes of this article. As time allows I will add some diagrams to aid in representing them; perhaps a simplistic GoalScape diagram for each timeframe would suffice, or if there is sufficient interest I might share some of the more complex flow charts that I drew in my personal notes.

“To have done” indicates that the task is to be completed within the current timeframe, but could have been started in another.“To do” indicates that the task is to be started and accomplished during the current timeframe.

  1. Lifetime Goals

                 A. Production:

  1. Leave behind a treasure-trove of creative works of literature to be shared with all of society, as well as of research, invention, and philosophy, to be shared only with my family and community.
  2. Leave behind a legacy of positive self-expression, examples of virtuous living – e.g. self-reliance and kindness – and of useful service to Nature and humankind – e.g. forests planted and schools for gifted children established –, as well as of advances both theoretical and practical in the fields of self-improvement, education and ecology.
  3. Leave behind a living design and wisdom for a new society and culture: thoughts and plans for a way of living and organization that enables the long-term improvement of individuals and communities; the psychological and sociological equivalent of a Project Venus.

                 B. Community:

  1. Enable as many quality humans as possible to gather together and form their own independent societies and cultures that support their elevation. Build an Ark for some elevated humans and their children, to serve as an example for others to build their own. Identify, attract and aid in the elevation of as many quality humans and their children as possible.
  2. Encourage and aid creative individuals from all walks of life to fulfill their creative potential by providing the conditions, education, and aid they need in order to produce works of value, including friendship, financial aid, motivational speaking and writing, support groups of like-minded peers, and raising public awareness of their value and needs.
  3. Create a new society and culture dedicated to all-around self-improvement, education that enables children to evolve, and the restoration of ecosystems; a positive environment in which the seed of an evolved human sub-species can thrive and bloom. Also, plan non-aggressive defensive measures to ensure the survival of the new society.

                 C. Education:

  1. Accumulate a family treasure and inheritance of quality things material and non-material, of quality traits and talents and their expression in books and other works, produced either by my family or by other elevated humans, now or in the past; a library of all and only what can serve to elevate my family and children; an inheritance of wealth and relations that ensure the best opportunities for my children’s education and creation, that is, the top quality tools and teachers for their training and production, as well as the best physical and social environment for their living and growth; a training ground employing the best tools and techniques to integrally develop all aspects of the human body, mind, and heart.
  2. To raise healthy, prodigious children that share my ecological and evolutionary mission share my ecological and evolutionary mission and are endowed with the training and conditions to fulfill it, and with the drive to bring it further and pass it along to others. Children with a mission to save the Planet in whatever way they are able to without losing their own lives and while pursuing their own evolution so as to have more time and better means of eventually doing so or their own children doing so, and making this mission a family legacy, as guardians of the planet.
  3. Start an organization dedicated to experimenting with, developing and refining a method and system of education that focuses on helping children elevate themselves above their teachers’ condition. An education that aims to raise normal children into gifted children and gifted children into prodigious children, like other forms of education aim to raise deficient children into normal children. An education that, at the very least, prepares normal children to live a kind of life that enables their own children to be more likely to be gifted.

                 D. Ecology:

  1. Save the planet from destruction by humanity, to ensure its recovery time is quick enough to allow for the preservation of a life-supporting ecosystem that ensures the survival of the elevated humans.
  2. Have my children and other elevated children of various communities spread out and continue the work of my community, of planting trees and in other ways aiding in healing the planet, in order to delay collapse and prepare for accelerating the recovery of the planet enough that the rhythm of global restorative efforts counter-balance the rhythm of global destructive effects. A worldwide network of tribes of quality individuals in co-operative self-orchestration striving towards their and their children’s evolution by increasing their usefulness to Nature through the removal of pollution, replating of trees and general restoration of the natural environment surrounding their villages.
  3. Build an organization that can enable global co-ordination of restorative efforts, identifying and targeting areas critical to preserving planetary biodiversity and life-support systems, and working within a unified growing framework of understanding of the key rhythms of planetary life and those of human interference, according to a common plan that feasibly allows true planetary restoration. 

                E. Self-Improvement:

  1. To transcend my class of mind from norma to sensoral by learning to incorporate into my thinking more ingredients including sensory perceptions and learning to amplify and analyze all my sensory perceptions to a sufficient degree to replace basic laboratory instruments, as well as by training and improving all of my mind’s capabilities until new capabilities are born that I did not previously possess nor were other normal humans reported to possess, as measured on a test of sensory-logic quotient.
  2. To learn to communicate by emotion with my family to a sufficient degree of detail and accuracy to enable the creation of a telepathic language well developed enough to replace spoken language, to control my emotions to a sufficient degree to achieve a stable emotion of love as my root emotion, and to make use of memories formed within stable emotions to improve my memory capacity.
  3. To have acquired a breadth of skills that enables me to appreciate in rough terms much of the potential of the human creature.
  4. To have acquired a breadth of knowledge that enables me to comprehend a glimpse of the wonders and majesty of the world.
  5. To have acquired a breadth of experience that enables me to appreciate the beauty and richness of human life, and to build up a degree of wisdom and inner peace.
  6. To acquire favorable traits, such as love, honesty, quietitude, and perceptiveness, that enable me to taste and know a degree of virtue, a degree of sanctity.
  7. To experience the love that Christ taught, the enlightenment that Buddha taught, and to attain the chief aims of the great religions and systems of self-improvement, or perhaps, simply, chidao.
  8. To reach and maintain through continuous training peak physical, mental and emotional condition; the body of a hero, the mind of a genius, and the heart of a saint.

                 F. Travel:

  1. To see as much of this beautiful planet as I can over the course of my life and build a treasure trove of memories of the beauty it still holds within my life as I write my journal with the aim of inciting future generations to look back upon and strive to restore the beauty that once was within the planet. To visit over a thousand of the most beautiful natural places, to capture their beauty in an album of photographs and films, and to journal and maybe make stories out of my experiences in these places.

                G. Family:

  1. To develop a family treasure consisting of our own unique journaled and photographed experiences, our inventions, our works in art, music or literature, our most worthwhile thoughts, ideas, lessons, principles and values, our good deeds and books on all things positive and on how to do good, how to do business, how to do everything as a quintessence of all that one generation learned to be passed on to the next and observed as it grows into its own unique family culture.

                 H. Financial:

  1. To amass, retain and grow unceasingly and ever more effectively throughout the time of my life and the generations that follow after me sufficient wealth to ensure the continued independence from society and increase in number and size and quality of my self-contained tribes and their natural environments to and beyond the point where the sum of saved environments is sufficient to save the planet from dying. The goal is not so much to have over a billion dollars in personal wealth as to create a business whose sum resources of over a hundred billion dollars would expand beyond my lifetime and join hands with other businesses in order to provide a trillion or more dollars (in today’s purchase power) investment into my life’s projects, in particular into the
  2. Create a foundation for saving the planet’s natural environment which can try to secure generous donations from the world’s billionaires by making it into a sort of billionaire public charity event so that somehow a little or a lot is donated by as many billionaires as possible.

                 K. Miscellaneous:

II. Four Decades Goals

III. Three Decades Goals

IV. Two Decades Goals

V. One Decade Goals


  1. To have published at least ten books and written at least twenty.
  2. To have created a village for ourselves as the nucleus of our new society with other quality individuals who wish to join our tribe and are inspired by our vision.
  3. To have started up an ONG for the restoration of natural areas, based in part on a comprehensive study of the demands, critical areas and best techniques of planetary scale restoration of Nature.
  4. To have started up a research group, think tank, web network and special school dedicated to finding the best education to elevate individuals into their greater evolutionary potential, based in part on our study of the educational thought, studies and practices of peoples all over the world, and in part on our vision for consciously guided evolution through self-willed self-improvement at the social scale.


  1. To have traveled together with my children on at least a hundred great trips to some of the most beautiful places in the world, and along the way to have picked up a hundred useful skills from our experiences, from native masters and from world-class teachers encountered.
  2. To have taught myself and my children how to use our senses and mind, to be able to analyse sensory perceptions of all five senses and be consciously aware of multiple simultaneous events in our environments, to observe and to think with an awakened mind.
  3. To have reached peak physical, mental and emotional fitness for myself and my children.
  4. To have taught myself and my children how to communicate by emotion with one another and with other living beings to a high enough degree to enable us to start developing a telepathic language to eventually supplant the need for common speech.
  5. To have read at least five hundred books and watched at least one hundred documentaries.
  6. To have learned alongside my children physics, biology, ecology, cosmology, chemistry, inventing and much more, while also continuing to pursue the necessary learning for my projects and my business.
  7. To strive to cultivate in myself and my children desirable, evolutionary traits and standards for living such as sensitivity, honesty, quietitude, love, compassion, empathy, caring, politeness, modesty, curiosity, justness and many more.
  8. To have learned very well the skills of writing, teaching, parenting, and well playing an instrument, speaking languages, observing and dozens more.


  1. To start a big business, poised to eventually generate millions in profit every year. This could be based on the utility calculator app idea, the dream exchange platform idea, the further expansion and monetization of my blogs, or something else entirely. To develop and apply my financial talents to the utmost, making use of every great idea and means of making it big that I can find.
  2. To start petitioning for grants for my tribe, ONG and school.
  3. To obtain ten million dollars to spend on starting the social venture, the ecological project, and the educational experiment. This could be done via my business, grants, making it big as a movie star, making it big as a writer, websites, sales, investments and/or any other means.
  4. To secure a passive income of at least five thousand euro per month to use for our personal spendings, our children’s education, our travels and so forth.


  1. To spend at least four hours every day playing and learning with my children.

VI. Five-Year Goals:


  1. To have started three power blogs dedicated to the topics of self-improvement, education and ecology, and grown each to over a million visitors a month (including recurring visitors), with a good conversion.
  2. To have made my personal writer’s website a client magnet ensuring steady freelance work as well as a student converter for my courses.
  3. To have published at least five books, including the third fully edited book of my heavenly education series, and written at least ten.
  4. To have made three online courses to be published on my own website, on Udemy or on another aggregator.


  1. To perform a comprehensive study of the important rhythms of society and the earth in order to figure out the places on earth we ought to spread to and how we must act in each of them in order to initiate a full-scale, true planetary restoration project.
  2. To do a comprehensive study of all known topics related to education, and go to visit places where education is practiced with success in all areas, in order to formulate a plan for the education of our children that has as great of a net benefit value as possible; to create for them the very best parenting and education course in the world.

  1. To do a comprehensive study and experiment of all known self-improvement philosophies and systems, thinking of and trying out their concepts and techniques, mapping out and improving on my own every area of human development, for the purpose of eventually figuring out a means of breaking through normal human limitations.
  2. To learn the financial landscapes of ONGs, how to fund big projects such as the special school, how to start a business that could support them, how to make investments that would eventually accumulate to fund them, how to access grants, donations and international and national funds dedicated to social and ecological improvement, and read all relevant available literature on the topics as well as business, investment, marketing, related laws etc.
  3. To have read at least two hundred and fifty books and five thousand articles.


  1. To have earned at least fifteen thousand euro from sales of my books
  2. To have maintained earnings of at least fifteen thousand euro from passive income sources.

  1. To have started petitioning for grants and applying for aid for my organization.
  2. To have started making contacts of suppliers, handlers and customers for starting a big, automated business.


  1. To find world-class mentors, private tutors and teachers for our children to be able to learn from or with them all important skills and valuable personal examples for a fulfilled life; and that can improve
  2. To find quality individuals dedicated to further self-improvement; individuals who are looking for or have a vision for a new society, or who could be persuaded to adopt one; to formulate a first version of this vision that inspires, attracts and compels them; and to collaborate with them in forming a community dedicated to self-improvement.
  3. To find organizations and individuals dedicated to ecological work, to socialize with them, work together with them and attract them to my own vision of an ecological ONG.

VII. Four-Year Goals


  1. To have published at least four books, including the second fully edited book of my heavenly education series.
  2. To have grown
  3. To have written at least two hundred articles for my blogs, and two hundred for guest posting and clients.
  4. To have acted in at least five movies or films, and made at least five thousand euro doing so.


  1. To have read all relevant available literature on freelancing, freelance writing, writing, blogging, marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, online branding, SEO, passive income, publishing etc.
  2. To have read at least fifty more books and a thousand more articles.


  1. To have bought a house for ourselves matching the established criteria and to have renovated and decorated it according to my wife’s preferences and my own thoughts on a house design best suited for my educational purposes.


VIII. Three-Year Goals


  1. To have identified the place to settle in as a permanent home in which to raise our children for the first years of their lives, a safe personal place to which to return from our trips across the world for rest and play. The place must have clean soil, water and air, be close to a natural place safe to explore such as a forest with natural wildlife but not many dangerous predators, have a source of water nearby or provided naturally – such as a river, or frequent rains –, have fertile soil for us to be able to grow our own food in it, be affordable (under 100000 euro, preferably under 50000 euro, house and land included), not too close to but not too far from a village or little city (we don’t want noisy, polluting, negative neighbors, but we want to be able to socialize when we choose to, and to have access to some emergency medical services and teachers), with the house having at least three rooms besides the kitchen and the bath, preferably having round shapes rather than straight walls, preferably (we can relocate later) allow enough expansion of land for a little village to house our tribe at some point (10 – 20 acres around it), be in a political climate that allows homeschooling, preferably that meddles as little as possible in our private lives and our private choices for educating our own children (AKA does not impose a standard public school like curriculum on homeschooled children).
  2. To have started a blog dedicated to ecology and the conservation, regeneration and extension of natural habitats, as well as the harmonization of human societies with natural systems, of our human lives with planetary life, including how to live an eco-harmonic lifestyle and how to build an eco-harmonic society.


  1. To have completed my elementary acting training at the Instituto del Cine Madrid or equivalent acting school classes.
  2. To have read another fifty books and a thousand articles.
  3. To have read all relevant available literature on biology, ecology, conservation biology, natural resource, waste and wetland management, forestry, tree planting, pollution reduction, environmental policy, education and legislation, general systems research etc.


  1. To have earned at least five thousand euro from acting.
  2. To have set up several sources of passive income netting at least five hundred euro per month.

  1. To be able to earn at least two thousand euro per month working part-time as a freelance writer, enough to fully replace my part-time job as a Teaching Assistant.
  2. To have earned at least thirty thousand euro while working no more than four hours a day, and saved or invested at least twelve thousand of those.


  1. To visit one hundred of the most beautiful places on earth, at least half of them together with my wife.
  2. To start doing volunteering work for a trustworthy ecological ONG, such as through planting trees, collecting waste, signing to lobby governments, teaching children, speaking publicly for the environment etc. – enough to learn every aspect of how such an ONG works, and to blog about my experience and learning.
  3. To meet, speak with, befriend and learn from individuals who are dedicated to making a change, to healing the planet, who have more experience with ecology work, who have started ONGs that made an impact, people of all levels of experience and achivement in this area.
  4. To have spend an average of at least four hours a day together with my wife.

IX. Two Year Goals


  1. To have fully edited and widely published my autobiography book.
  2. To have fully edited and widely published my children’s stories book.
  3. To have published at least three books, including the first fully edited book of my heavenly education series.
  4. To have started a blog dedicated to education and the birthing, raising and educating of prodigious children.
  5. To have acted in my first movie or film.


  1. To have read all relevant available literature on education, alternative education, pregnancy, nutrition, pregnancy nutrition, prenatal environment, infantile environment, child psychology, prodigious psychology, gifted children, child health, child rearing, etc.
  2. To have read another fifty books and thousand articles.


  1. To have earned at least ten thousand euro from freelance writing.
  2. To have earned at least a thousand euro from acting.
  3. To have earned at least twenty five thousand euro while working no more than four hours a day, and saved or invested six thousand of those.


  1. To start doing volunteering, part-time or private-tutoring work teaching children, in order to learn how to teach and experiment with various education techniques, to find my style as a teacher and gain experience interacting with and observing children of various ages, witnessing first-hand the effects of the teaching methods and concepts that I learn of.
  2. To travel around the world in search of great teachers that I can learn from and that I can blog about, covering a broad range of skills focused on those that I would like me and my children to posess, and to discuss with them, perhaps in the form of an interview, their own philosophy and methodology of teaching, to then blog about.

X. One Year Goals


  1. To have completed my autobiography book with at least twelve chapters, epilogue, prologue, cover and design, to have given it to my friends and those it involves as a Christmas gift, and  clarified to them that I would appreciate feedback, honest reviews and improvement advice.
  2. To have completed my Nature’s Logos magazine, complete with full editing and a great design, as well as the book that I had omitted from it previously, and to have given it all to my former high-school teachers as a Christmas gift, making sure that at least Sandoiu Gabriel will read it.

  1. To have written a fully illustrated children’s stories book with the very best stories picked from among my bi-weekly stories and to start pitching it to publishers and finding translators.
  2. To have started a blog dedicated to self-improvement and the transcension of normal human limitations of mind and body, that I will consistently post to as I make my own self-improvement journey, and eventually rank as a power blog to draw the attention of individuals that might help me on this journey and with my larger goal of evolution.
  3. To have written at least fifty articles for my blogs, and at least fifty others for guest posting and my clients.


    1. To have read at least fifty books and a thousand articles.
    2. To have read all essential literature on self-improvement, psychology, success, peak performance, super-human performance, talent development, skill acquisition, fitness, intellectual enhancement, emotional control, awareness, quality traits, self-observation, increasing sensory acuity etc.
    3. To have completed my first year of acting training at the Instituto Del Cine Madrid.
    4. To have taken at least twelve skills courses in-person and twelve skills courses online.
    5. To have learned the basics of online marketing, including SEO, social media, email, inbound, promoting via platforms and aggregators, affiliating and guesting, and paid advertising.


  1. To have earned at least a thousand euro from freelance writing.

  1. To have succeeded in earning a full-time income as a part-time freelance writer, in having built up several high-quality, regular clients, and in having new clients come to me rather than me having to look for them.
  2. To have earned at least twenty thousand euro while working no more than four hours a day.


  1. To have gone on short weekend trips to thirty three of the most beautiful places on earth, and on an extended, one-month journey throughout the highlights of a continent (e.g. an African Safari, a backpacking trip throughout Asia etc.).
  2. To have participated in a hundred auditions and gotten my first movie or film role.
  3. To have tried out over a hundred self-improvement techniques and methods in various areas (e.g. MovNav for physical fitness), and connected with individuals also interested in self-improvement with various levels of accomplishment in their main areas of focus. To learn from them and interview them for my blog.
  4. To have connected with the owners of and eventually guest posted on over a hundred quality self-improvement blogs, and spoken with over a hundred more enthusiasts on social media.

XI. Nine Months Goals


  1. Complete another three chapters of my autobiography book.
  2. Write nine more children’s stories.
  3. Write nine more blog articles.
  4. Edit the final three issues of Nature’s Logos.


  1. Keep learning SEO and social media marketing and start learning email marketing.
  2. Finance
  3. Earn at least 100 euro per month teaching children English or other topics.
  4. Earn at least 200 euro per month matched betting.
  5. Earn at least 500 euro per month freelance writing.
  6. Earn at least 1000 euro per month as a TA.
  7. Start practicing investing and trading with small amounts.

XII. Six Months Goals


  1. Complete another three chapters of my autobiography book.
  2. Write nine more children’s stories.
  3. Write nine more blog articles.
  4. Edit another three issues of Nature’s Logos.


  1. Read at least another twelve books and six hundred articles.
  2. Keep learning SEO and start learning social media marketing.


  1. Earn at least 200 euro per month from freelance writing.
  2. Earn at least 1200 euro per month from my TA job.
  3. Earn at least 200 euro per month from matched betting.
  4. Make arrangements to start teaching English or other topics to children.
  5. Promote my writer and self-improvement blogs using the SEO and social media marketing techniques I learned, in addition to all other means I know of.


  1. Gain a steady monthly income of 200 euro from freelance projects.
  2. Raise my monthly income from matched betting to 200 euro per month.
  3. Publish and promote my blogs through social media, SEO and any other means.
  4. Create my own online shop site selling smartphone accesories, or anything really, and solve all issues related to it (legal, tax, producer sourcing, delivery services etc.), possibly in collaboration with an acquaintance.

XIII. Three Months Goals


  1. Choose the domain name and theme for my new self-improvement blog, and write at least four quality new articles to publish on it and its about page and mission statement.
  2. Write at least six other articles for clients or my existing writer blog.
  3. Finish another chapter of my autobiography book
  4. Edit issue fourteen of my Nature’s Logos magazine.



  1. Earn at least 1500 euro working as a TA.
  2. Gain at least one paying freelance writing client.
  3. Earn at least 200 euro from matched betting.
  4. Invest at least 100 euro.


  1. Start learning SEO and weblog and webshop building and social media, email and advertising promotion.

XIV. Two Months Goals


  1. Finish one chapter of my autobiographic book.
  2. Finish and edit another nine children’s stories.
  3. Finish editing the thirteenth issue of my Nature’s Logos magazine.
  4. Have written and fully edited and illustrated another nine articles, either for my weblog, for guest posting or for clients.


  1.  Learn SEO: read a book on the topic, bookmark and organize power blogs and authority sites and figures, read articles, buy and watch a course and apply in practice to optimize my own website and content.
  2. Read a hundred articles on topics of interest, including at least 21 on SEO
  3. Review the YDKJS series, Jonas’s courses on JavaScript and Node, Todd Motto’s Ultimate Angular series and Colt Steele’s Bootstrap 4 Bootcamp.
  4. Read another four books on topics related to education, ecology, self-improvement, and writing.
  5. View seven more random Ted or Tedx talks.


  1. Further promote my writer blog on various platforms, on social media, to other bloggers and to clients, and continue commenting and connecting with blog owners.
  2. Apply to or pitch for a hundred writing jobs or guest post opportunities.
  3. Earn at least 100 euro from matched betting in Spain.


XV. One Month Goals


  1. Finish one chapter of my autobiographic book.

  1. Finish and edit nine children’s stories.
  2. Finish editing the twelfth issue of my Nature’s Logos magazine.
  3. Have written and fully edited and illustrated nine articles – three over 10000 words, three under 10000 words, and three under 1000 words, with one from each category on self-improvement topics, one on education and one on ecology – for my weblog.


  1. Complete Jonas’s NodeJS course on Udemy
  2. Finish reading four books.
  3. Sketch a mindmap of the knowledge and skills I need for my goals, and seek, index and plan a learning path through the top related blogs, courses, books and teachers.
  4. Complete thirty chapters of my Spanish grammar book, and learn 300 new words, also doing a review of my progress.
  5. Read one hundred great articles on the topics of immediate interest to me.
  6. Complete four Masterclasses.


  1. Promote my weblog and articles on my social media profiles, to my new contacts, on Medium, and everywhere else I can.
  2. Start building an email list and choose and learn to use an email campaign management plugin or service. Also build a contact list by categories on my social media and through bookmarking contact info.
  3. Figure out the sports betting laws in Spain and, if they are favorable, make the arrangements to start matched betting.
  4. Find reliable enough sources of information on investment opportunities, and make a draft of our monthly financial statement for Madrid, setting aside an investments budget consisting of any of my income that exceeds 1500 euro per month.
  5. Earn at least 1600 dollars working as a Udemy Teaching Assistant this month.


  1. Plan the first week of our stay in Madrid, including identify several apartments to visit and evaluate, and prepare all documents necessary to submit our application.
  2. Take my wife out to dinner four time at great restaurants for trying out non-vegan dishes.
  3. Make sure my wife’s artist website looks and works as she wants and is up to date with the content she wants in all pages.
  4. Go on an extended weekend trip on the Rhine river to celebrate our memories in Germany.


    1. Update my 2019 bullet-list journal with the new priorities and schedule for Madrid.

XVI. Three Weeks Goals


  1. Finish writing and editing two children’s stories.

  1. Finish writing one section of one chapter of my autobiography book.
  2. Finish editing the side article of the twelfth issue of my Nature’s Logos magazine.
  3. Finish the “Beyond Schooling: A Heroic Education” article, complete with photos, SEO optimization and content editing.


  1. Watch “Emotion” or another movie on Gaia.
  2. Complete three sections of Jonas’s NodeJS course on Udemy
  3. Watch seven talks on Ted on random interesting topics.
  4. Read Rosenberg Marshall’s Living Nonviolent Communication.
  5. Complete seven chapters of my Spanish grammar book, and learn 70 new Spanish words.
  6. Complete Judie Foster’s “Filmmaking” Masterclass.
  7. Read three great articles on each of the topics of freelancing, writing, blogging, making a Udemy course, teaching, alternative education, and worldschooling.


  1. Continue thoughtfully commenting and posting on the blogs I followed and social media groups I joined.
  2. Join yet another seven social media groups and follow yet another seven blogs.
  3. Apply to at least seventy jobs on job boards and blogs with my new portfolio weblog.
  4. Brainstorm, study and plan how to make and release a Udemy course of my own.


  1. Watch the new The Lion King movie on cinema with my wife.
  2. Take my wife out to dinner at the Thai Banyan restaurant for a dish of curry with prawns.

XVII. Two Weeks Goals


  1. Finish writing one section of one chapter of my autobiograpy book.
  2. Finish the “Ultimate Guide To A Zero-Waste Lifestyle” article, complete with photos, SEO optimization and content editing.
  3. Finish editing the main article of the twelfth issue of my Nature’s Logos magazine.


  1. Complete R.L. Stine’s “Writing For Young Audiences” Masterclass
  2. Complete three sections of Jonas’s NodeJS course on Udemy.
  3. Read Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly.
  4. Complete seven chapters of my Spanish grammar book, and learn 70 new words.
  5. Read three great articles on each of the topics of freelancing, blogging, writing, ecology, waste reduction, Spanish tax laws, and matched betting in Spain.


    1. Deep customize my writing portfolio weblog’s header, including a custom logo,     great title and tagline, and professional background photo.
    2. Deep customize my social media profiles to reflect my new professional activity, using a variation of my website’s new header or a similar, brand-building image.
    3. Join 7 more job boards, social media groups etc. for freelance writers.
    4. Start commenting on and thoughtfully replying to the posts of the writers on whose blogs I want to guest post, and posting thoughtfully on the communities that I joined on social media.


  1. Give my wife flowers, a great birthday cake, a picnic with new food items, a new Afro style haircut, and a sejour on the Rhine with my full attention and planned out conversation topics for her birthday.

XVIII. One Week Goals


  1. Finish writing one section of one chapter of my autobiograpy book.
  2. Finish the “Design For A Life” article, complete with photos, SEO optimization and content editing.
  3. Finish editing the dialogue of the twelfth issue of my Nature’s Logos magazine.
  4. Finish writing and editing two children’s stories.


  1. Finish three sections of Jonas’s NodeJS course on Udemy.
  2. Finish reading The Memoirs of Hadrian.
  3. Complete Natalie Portman’s Acting Masterclass.
  4. Read three great articles on each of the topics of freelance writing, blogging, self-improvement, goal setting, education, worldschooling, ecology, and waste reduction.
  5. Complete seven chapters of my Spanish grammar book, and learn 70 new words.


  1. Brainstorm my current potential sources of income and integrate trying them all in sequence into my plan.
  2. Make accounts on 7 of the best free writing boards sites, and save the passwords in Evernote. Also bookmark 7 of the best freelance writing power blogs and authority sites, and 7 smaller blogs that I can quickly start following, engaging with, and guest posting on.
  3. Join 7 Facebook Communities and 7 LinkedIn Groups, and write 7 Tweets using targeted hashtags for freelance writers. Also connect with 7 potential clients on each of the three social platforms, and remake my profiles to reflect my professional intent as a freelance writer.
  4. Buy and customize a quality premium WordPress theme appropriate for my writing portfolio weblog.


  1. Decide on and purchase my wife’s birthday present and plan together how to spend her birthday.
  2. Identify a quality Asian local restaurant to try a quality Sushi meal together for dinner.


  1. Write a letter to a specific individual who might be able to help me with my goals.
  2. Write to all who may be willing and able to help me with this goal-list.
  3. Decide on and make arrangements for a weekend trip to a beautiful location starting from October.
  4. Sketch the plan for the first day of moving to Madrid. 

XIX. One Day Goals (Tomorrow)

  • Finish making the first draft of this goal list.
  • Update the About page of my writing portfolio weblog.
  • Complete section 4 of Jonas Schmedtmann’s NodeJS course on Udemy.
  • Complete three lessons of Natalie Portman’s Acting Masterclass.
  • Cook the Red Lentil Curry with Tofu recipe.
  • Write satisfactorily at least one portion of one section of one chapter of my book.
  • Write a new children’s story.
  • Read a chapter of The Memoirs of Hadrian.
  • Read three great articles on the topic of goal-setting.
  • Complete a chapter of my Spanish grammar book, and learn ten new Spanish words.
  • Have a prayer or meditation session of at least fifteen minutes anytime at night together with my wife.

To this Goals Chart, which is a tracker and list for variable tasks, is added the Recurring Goals Chart, which is a tracker and list for constant tasks, repeated at given intervals.

XX. Recurring Goals


1.Develop and maintain a regular sleep schedule of 9-6, or find and maintain whatever regular sleep schedule enables me to feel most refreshed.

Obstacle to surmount: my wife has different sleep goals and patterns, as well as different preferences for amount of light and touch. Should we sleep separately or reach a compromise? Could I learn to sleep with a sleep-mask and ear-plugs on?

2.Develop and maintain a regular daily exercise schedule of one to two hours of whatever sport or training program I feel most enjoyable and find most effective to perform.

Obstacle to surmount: shortening travel time to locations enabling the exercise routines, finding instructors for the beginning phase of any training program.

3.Develop and maintain a regular daily eating schedule of whatever healthy foods I like most that add up to one hundred percent of all my daily nutrient needs.

Obstacle to surmount: doing a nutrient analysis of my chosen foods, preserving nutritional analyses despite large variability, maintaining a vegan diet, finding time to cook and eat.

4.Write tomorrow’s goals in the bullet journal.

Obstacle to surmount: finding a layout and keeping a pile of prints handy to pin on my desk or wall, or finding a pre-formatted calendar-style notebook for my bullet journal, so as not to waste time manually drawing the layout every day.


  1. Read a book and ten articles.
  2. Write a blog article.
  3. Complete a freelance project.
  4. Clean the house and clothes.
  5. Go on a trip.
  6. Listen to a new melody.
  7. Write next week’s goals in the bullet journal.


  1. Write next month’s goals in the bullet journal.
  2. Write at least one chapter of one of my books.
  3. Take a new skill course, whether in-person or online.


  1. Write at least two books, and publish at least one.
  2. Read at least fifty books and five hundred articles.
  3. Take at least twenty new skill courses, of which ten online and ten in-person.
  4. Do a review of my goal progress, my goal-setting process, my approach to reaching my goals, my next year’s goals, and the main lessons that I learned in the past year in order to improve myself and everything I do, including setting better goals.

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