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How To Plan Your Perfect Day: The Choice Of A Lifetime - Inkwell Genie

How To Plan Your Perfect Day: The Choice Of A Lifetime

The Choice of a Lifetime – How to Plan your perfect Day

The Choice

What distinguishes you as an individual?

Is it your endowments – whether you were born rich or poor, pretty or pithy?

They do influence your development; but are they the measure of your own achievements?

Is it your experiences – the things you’ve lived, the people you’ve known?

They do shape your personality; but are external influences all there is to you?

Or is it rather your choices: what you do with your endowments, how you react to your experiences?

And which among your choices best defines you?

I’ll tell you my pick: how you spend your time.

Your smallest daily effort determines your highest lifetime accomplishment.

Better be contented with the plenitude of your present day’s efforts than anxious about the length of days stretching to your goal’s fruition.

(See my article “How To Plan Your Perfect Life” for more on that topic.)

The Goal

Try to imagine your perfect day.

A morning when you wake up energizedpurposefulradiant with aliveness, and tingling with anticipation to answer yet again your calling, to walk further yet on your path – self-ignited, self-chosen, self-driven, and self-willed.

A day when you honor your ideals with every choice, when you give your best in every moment, you are present with awareness in every experience, and strive for accuracy in every thought and act.

A night when you fall asleep feeling truly at peacejoyful and fulfilled; having lived your day without regret, and paved the way to an even better tomorrow through your efforts.

Take a moment to recall; when was the last time your day felt like that?

How would it feel to live even one day like that?

How would it feel to be the creator of your life rather than its spectator, the master of your fate rather than its victim, employing yourself to your utmost capacity rather than wasting away your potential, and pursuing self-improvement with unwavering dedication rather than succumbing to self-satisfied stagnation?

What if every day could feel like that?

If you’re willing to make the choice, it can be so for you as it is for me.

The Process

How do you attain your perfect day, every day?

Through strength of will, self-effort.

Effort alone is not enough, though; you must also make the correct effort, walk the right way.

Through clarity of purposeself-thinking. Write down:

  1. A detailed, unambiguous, sharply defined destination, and
  2. A course of action that provides the most efficient route to that destination, a map of your journey.

Making the highest effort with the highest effectiveness will yield the highest results.

The simplified sequence of the process goes like this:

  1. Clarify your values

E.g., creativity is the ultimate value for me, since nothing would exist without creativity. Therefore, I strive to define my every goal so as to maximize my contribution to creativity.

  1. Clarify your goals.

E.g., evolution is the ultimate expression of creativity, and hence my ultimate goal; all my other goals are woven around the nexus of helping bring about human evolution in harmony with Nature.

  1. Calculate which daily activities, most consistent with your values, are most useful for your goals.

E.g., I spend time every day developing my own form of meditation, refining my perceptions, thoughts, and emotions so as to improve myself for the sake of my wife, my children-to-be, my community-to-be, and my species.

  1. Discern which activities best harmonize with one another if pursued in parallel to support each other’s completion.

E.g., I spend time every day working on my self-improvement blog, so as to share my learning journey with other people, and learn from them in turn.

  1. Discern which activities best follow one another in sequence so that each activity in the previous sequence best prepares you for each matching activity in the following sequence.

E.g., After having grown my self-improvement blog, I will start an education blog to help me learn how to take care of my own children and how to better share my lessons with them and others.

The End

“There is no final goal for evolution, for there is no limit to it. Psychological growth, mental evolution manifested – somatised – in physical development, is its own goal; each utopia is only a stepping stone that opens the view and the way to new utopias. Each sphere fulfilled, each act completed, turns out to be a fraction of a greater sphere, of an act of greater complexity. Accomplishment, like Joy, is in the way of growing.”

Sebastian Neferu
Sebastian is a B2B writer for digital brands. His content marketing and copywriting expertise have been certified by industry leaders including AWAI, Copyblogger, Smartblogger, Digital Marketer and more. To learn more about Sebastian's services, check out his website inkwellgenie.com

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