How To Find A Good Content Writer: The Unicorn Hunter’s Guide

How to Find a Good Content Writer

You weren’t born yesterday. You know that content marketing’s conversion rates soar above any other marketing strategy. But do you know how to find a good content writer to deliver your greatest ROI? Join the hunt, and I’ll guide you through a five-step process to find, hire, and keep such unicorns. 1) Tracking Footprints: Characteristics … Read more

Ten Essential Characteristics of a Great Writer

10 Essential Characteristics of a Great Writer

1. A Great Writer Is A Life Observer When the sun’s rays lit alight a leaf in flight, what do you see? Do you care enough to see the leaf’s every vein set aflame, as if new suns were born within each ray – or more? If not, don’t bother fancying yourself a great writer: … Read more