How To Find A Good Content Writer: The Unicorn Hunter’s Guide

You weren’t born yesterday.

You know that content marketing’s conversion rates soar above any other marketing strategy.

But do you know how to find a good content writer to deliver your greatest ROI?

Join the hunt, and I’ll guide you through a five-step process to find, hire, and keep such unicorns.

1) Tracking Footprints: Characteristics of a Good Content Writer

So, you want to know what a good content writer looks like? Let me paint you a picture:

  • A professional writer‘s office tie

Dotted with milestones and striped with deadlines.

  • An SEO specialist‘s geek goggles

Bubbly with keyword research and sparkly with competitive analysis.

  • A savvy copywriter‘s sales coat

Sleek with customer journey map awareness and shiny with conversion rate optimization savvy.

  • A subject-matter expert‘s nerd cap

Fitted with a thirst for knowledge and furnished with a knack for teaching.

  • A language wizard‘s editing wand

Polished with impeccable grammar and laced with mesmerizing vocabulary.

2) Investigating Habitats: Where to Look For a Good Content Writer

Where to find this fantastic chimera, you ask?

  • Job Boards

To learn how to find a good content writer for your business, think about how a good content writer may find you.

All species of writer graze on ProBlogger, BloggingPro, Flexjobs, Freelance Writing, and Contena.

  • Recruitment Platforms

LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Hubstaff Talent, and SimplyHired supply professional writers for hire.

Craft a highly effective job description with clear requirements and application instructions.

…But brace for metric tons of off-the-mark applicants who never bothered to read it.

  • Freelance Platforms

Find freelance writers on Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and Guru

It is cost-effective to hire freelance writers.

…If you can dodge endless waves of scam-writers who think SEO means keyword stuffing.

  • Author Bios

Ever read a phenomenal post on Medium and thought ‘I need a writer like that!’?

Two words: contact details.

  • Network Referrals

Need to find a good content writer near you?

Ask around!

3) Discovering Species: How to Find a Good Content Writer

Open-source intelligence sieves let you sift good content writers from mediocre ones:

  • Writing Samples

Your gauge of skill set, style, and background.

  • Client Testimonials

Letters of recommendation from the age of Twitter.

  • Case Studies

The information era’s business cards.

  • Ranked Posts

Who ranked before may rank once more.

  • Analytics Data

The golden standard for evaluating content’s results.

4) Capturing Specimens: How to Hire a Good Content Writer

As you can best assess a date’s compatibility in person, you can best assess a writer’s skills in action. Besides, traps need bait:

  • Demo Tasks

Give a reasonable word count and deadline, e.g. 500 words within 48 hours.

  • Trial Periods

Paid trials tend to attract high-quality talent.

  • Paid Internships

Paying interns with ‘exposure’ will brand your blog as a rip-off.

  • Freelance Projects

Scaling one-off gigs to long-term contracts minimizes hiring risks.

  • Guest Posts

A good pitch can lead to a good post, which can lead to a good writer.

5) Nurturing Relationships: How to Keep a Good Content Writer

Good communication is paramount to successful collaboration:

  • Clear Expectations

If you need daily content, say so from the onset.

  • Consistent Guidelines

Yes AP style title case, no AP style title case, or a bewildered writer.

  • Effective Strategy

Keywords with ten-minus search volumes or ninety-plus authority competitors? No thanks!

  • Realistic Targets

Rank in the top google spot with a 500-word freebie article? Fat chance!

  • Responsive Editors

So, what’s my next writing task?

Unicorns Are Real

Believe it or not, content writers of mythical ROI potentials live and breathe amongst us.

Many stand out as accomplished professionals, untouchable to ordinary marketing budgets.

But this guide poises the talent hunter to spot, pluck, and polish diamonds in the rough.