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How To Weave A Magic Carpet?

Refine Your Content Brief

Or Craft One From Scratch

I will:

I will do my own research to ensure that your content brief stands up to scrutiny. I may also propose new topics to cover to improve your post’s relevance.

If you have no content brief yet, I can create one for you from scratch for a small extra fee of 25$. All you need to provide is the primary keyword and the success criteria (for SEO content, this means the Google spot you want the post to rank at for the primary keyword).

! Double-checking your existing content brief is on the house. It sets up clear, realistic expectations from the get-go to spare us both a lot of headaches down the line.

Do You Need Help With Your Content Strategy?

Sometimes, our initial chat will reveal that you’re not clear about the content you need. You have this vague sense of “I need content; don’t know what kind, or what keywords to target” or “I need content, but I have a fixed budget and I’m not sure where to invest first.”

Not a problem. I can map out a content strategy for you, pinpointing what keywords you should target in what sequence in order to earn your desired traffic and authority by your desired deadline. This will incur a variable content strategist’s fee.

Research Your Keyword & Analyze Competing Posts

As well as your style guide and reader feedback

Then, I’ll get a through-and-through understanding of your posts’ target audience, competing posts, subject matter, and keyword profile, by:

Sketch The Outline And Write The Post

Did I Get Your Wish Right?

Intelligence in hand, I’ll get my fingers flying across the keyboard — and send you a detailed post outline. This outline will give you a clear heading and topic breakdown, showing you which keywords and topics will be featured for each section. Once the outline is reviewed and approved, I’ll work my magic to produce a spectacular first draft of the post before our agreed-upon deadline.

Take Your Bows

We've Hit The Bull's Eye!


You’re entitled to 2 rounds of revisions as part of your package. That left 100% of my former clients 100% satisfied … usually from the first draft.

Plus, your content includes SEO-optimized images and a WordPress-formatted layout to ensure an optimal interface of visual and written content.

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