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Does this sound like you?

  • “My business has grown enormously, but my blog got left behind — it looks like it (barely) survived Y2K.”

  • “I tried saving money with a cheaper writer, but the content is so boring even I can’t get through it — and I own this place!”

  • “We invested $10,000 in a new content marketing campaign, but it’s not doing anything — because it was a shot in the dark. There’s no cohesive voice, and it wasn’t based on any real research.”

  • “We’re really good at selling once the prospect steps through our door. But we need more people stepping through that door — and our content is not generating leads!”

There are FEW THINGS more frustrating than wasting hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on a blog that gets read by…Googlebot.

I can help transform your blog into a highly persuasive, 24/7/365 salesperson who:

  • Shoulders all the heavy-sales-lifting for your very best prospects (so by the time you get on the call, they are 97% sold).
  • Speaks straight to your dream client’s deepest pains + desires (so you’re not just spewing random words and *praying* someone bites).
  • Differentiates your brand from the cliché-infested competition (so you don’t dissolve into the black hole of “dedicated, passionate, and dynamic”).

“What do I get when I
work with you, Sebastian?”

A Lot.

My content writing workflow includes:

Brand Research + Discovery

Inkwell Genie Checked Content Audit of existing blog posts and other content to align voice and style and crystallize new content opportunities + target markets.

 Inkwell Genie Checked SEO Audit of existing content’s keywords versus those of competitors to optimize keyword strategy and take advantage of “long-tail” keywords.
Scientific Fact-Checking

Inkwell Genie Checked Each article is backed up with case studies and/or academic papers to ensure best-in-class authority when it comes to the information provided to the reader.

Keyword Research

Inkwell Genie Checked Research of primary and secondary keywords to optimize the content for search engine ranking (Google).

Inkwell Genie Checked I will also:

  • Use Yoast’s Real-Time Content Analysis to craft a perfect title and meta description.
  • Use KWFinder to further refine the keyword profile and qualify it for SERP display.
  • Use Keyword Density Checker to prune keywords so as to focus-down on the targeted keywords.
  • Use Ahrefs to perform numerous more micro-optimizations to the article’s SEO.

Voice-of-Reader Research

Gathering of critical voice-of-reader feedback via:

Inkwell Genie Checked Social Media Audit of existing content’s reposts, shares, and comments to adjust the voice and style to best engage your target audience. Inkwell Genie Checked Website Comment Analysis to see what your readers found most useful in your existing blog posts and what pain points remain unaddressed.
Competitive Analysis

Inkwell Genie Checked Thorough analysis of competitors’ posts & voice to glean best ideas and practices — and pinpoint market weaknesses.

Inkwell Genie Checked I will carefully review and take notes on the patterns behind competing posts’ current ranking, including their:

  • strenghts and weaknesses
  • reader feedback
  • content gaps
  • focus topics

Professional Content Brief

Beautifully-designed PDF deliverable that serves as a comprehensive content strategy guide for the post:

Inkwell Genie Checked Outlines the conclusions of all research & competitive analysis Inkwell Genie Checked Ensures a powerful, consistent voice across all content — for this post, and for all future collaborative posts. Inkwell Genie Checked Provides clarity on the agreed upon keywords, headline, word count, a brief outline with headings, and voice and content direction.
Matching Visual Content

Each article comes with a share-worthy image for every 100 to 300 words.

Inkwell Genie Checked All images are:

  • Public domain or licensed (no need to worry about copyright infringement).
  • Performance optimized (modern web format, resized and compressed prior to upload).
  • SEO optimized (title, alt, and description tags match your target keywords).
  • SMO optimized (complementing the text, linking to the post, crystal clear resolution, emotionally evocative content).

Strategic Links
Inkwell Genie Checked Each article’s links are chosen according to a clear strategy, based on gathered research: 

  • Internal linking to existing articles for a smooth customer (and search engine bot) journey.
  • External linking to influencers’ posts (along with relevant quotes) to create influencer marketing opportunities.

Wish tailoring, a la genie
Inkwell Genie Checked In-depth editing, to spare you the expense of hiring an editor to fine-tune the post:

  • Double-checking spelling & grammar (with the expert aid of Grammarly Pro).
  • Improving simplicity, clarity, elegance and evocativeness (with a swift helping hand from Hemmingway App).
  • Reinforcing the voice-brand synergy.

Inkwell Genie Checked Two rounds of revisions, to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the voice and quality of your content (which is usually the case since the first draft).
WordPress Formatting + Publishing
Inkwell Genie Checked Web formatting within WordPress for all content elements and features, including images, font sizes, layout, headings, etc. Inkwell Genie Checked Scheduled publishing directly from within your WordPress Dashboard (or any other CMS of choice). …Or you can get a plain old Google Doc (properly formatted as well). Your choice.
Social Media Optimization

I will:

Inkwell Genie Checked Fine-tune your post’s format for each of your social media platforms, making it effortless for you to share it.

Inkwell Genie Checked Share your post to all of my own social media channels, instantly granting you a fresh inflow of engaged readers.

Comment Moderation

For one week from the publishing of your post, I will answer its visitors’ comments, which will:

Inkwell Genie Checked Boost initial engagement rate.

Inkwell Genie Checked Turbo-charge search engine ranking growth.

“How much is all this going to cost me, Sebastian?”




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Next Gen

1500-2500 Words

On Sale Until 1 May

  • Keyword analysis and optimization for up to ten keywords:
  • Primary keyword
  • Up to nine secondary keywords
  • Competitive analysis and reporting for up to ten articles:
  • Article in target google rank for primary keywod
  • Up to nine other articles.

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Current Gen

800-1500 Words

On Sale Until 1 May

  • Keyword analysis and optimization for up to six keywords:
  • Primary keyword
  • Up to five secondary keywords
  • Competitive analysis and reporting for up to six articles:
  • Article in target google rank for primary keywod
  • Up to six other articles.

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300-800 Words

On Sale Until 1 May

  • Keyword analysis and optimization for up to three keywords:
  • Primary keyword
  • Up to two secondary keywords
  • Competitive analysis and reporting for up to three articles:
  • Article in target google rank for primary keywod
  • Up to two other articles.

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